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Looking Ahead
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Written by Bill Boone, Grand Master   
Tuesday, 14 August 2007
As the golden days of summer start to fade, our thoughts turn toward September and the beginning of a busy Fall schedule. Not that we have been idle during the summer, but not quite so demanding. Jurisprudence, Ritual, Bursary and Public Relations committees are actively pursuing their objectives; the printing of the 2006 and 2007 proceedings are complete, ready for distribution; the Training and Education committee conducted a DDGM seminar on August 11th; as well as attending two Lodge meetings.

The focus in the coming months ahead will be on Communication, Ritual and Education.

Through the medium of this website, written communicates and personal visitations , we will strive to keep the brethren abreast of what is happening at the Grand Lodge level. Equally important is actively listening to the concerns of Lodges and individual brethren. We are here to support you, your Lodge, your efforts to promote Masonry within and without.

Ritual work is more than a simple format to welcome new members. It is the foundation by which those new members begin a way of life. It is therefore of utmost importance that foundation be solid, level and designed to carry the brother onward and upward. To that end, the Grand Master's Award Program has been reworked. It may seem tough at first glance, and we admit it does raise the bar, but if it is looked at in the same way you would eat a double ice cream cone, one lick at a time, you will find it quite manageable. Achievement is not a freebie. A Lodge must work hard to accomplish the requirements. But then nothing worth doing ever comes easy.

Education is the continuation of the ritual. As the candidate delves deeper into the Mysteries of Masory, he begins to understand the philosophy, the lessons, the history, the tenets and principles. Freemasonry is much more than a group of men with a shared interest; it is a way of life that does indeed make a good man better.

Brethren it is the intention of every Grand Lodge officer to make our upcoming visits to your Lodge meaningful and memorable. Plan now to attend as many as your busy schedule permits that we may work harmoniously for a bright and productive future.
Links of Interest
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Written by Admin   
Thursday, 17 May 2007
An array of pictures taken by WB Dean Marcoux at the 2007 Communication

Grand Lodge officers 2007

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